Deepen Your Faith at New Life Baptist Church
A local church serving Tuscaloosa, AL and the surrounding area

The Bible has so much to teach us about God and our faith, but understanding scripture can be difficult without spiritual guidance. At New Life Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, AL, you can worship with a pastor who has been sharing the word of God with this local church congregation since 1992.

Bishop William Reese, Sr. has been in ministry for over 40 years, and his knowledge of the scriptures is evident in every message he shares. Come to a church service this Sunday to hear an inspiring message from Bishop Reese.

Learn from the leadership team

You may not be able to speak with a pastor one-on-one if you visit our local church on Sunday, but you'll have a better chance of doing so during the week. Visit New Life Baptist Church on Wednesday to take part in a Bible study.

How can we pray for you?

If you're going through difficult times, you should lean on your leadership team for support. Every Friday, we hold a healing and deliverance service at our local Baptist church to help individuals...

  • Talk about personal situations with a pastor
  • Receive prayer for healing or deliverance
  • Know that they're not alone

Our local Baptist church in Tuscaloosa, AL is currently having virtual services. Please tune in by 7 p.m., and remember to silence your phone.